Double Bastard Ale

Just Tapped – Double Bastard Ale 2012

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Double Bastard Ale 2012

I am very proud to announce that our keg of 2012 Double Bastard Ale has just been tapped.

Double Bastard Ale received a rating of 100 from

“Ye shall know the Bastard, and the Bastard shall set you Free.” So warns the label.

This Bastard begins with fulminating foam that shimmers and shines atop a cloudied copper body. What little light gets through isreflected along the bottom ridge of the glass.

The nose is distracted with quick whiffs of cider, grass, honey and raisin – it’s as if a farmers’ market farted. The paltate is washed out in a thin veneer of oat, malt and tangy hay that is supported by an intense backing of alcohol. The finish is sharp enough to cut your tongue.

There is thick and chewy mouthfeel that numbs you with an oily, yet gummy, maltiness.

No sessional quaff is this: it is for adult palates with enough sophistication to endure the complexity. At the end, this is a damn good beer that is worth the workout. Think of it as taking your palate to the gym. Note: it took two hours to finish a bomber of this magnificant Bastard.

It will be $6 for a 13 ounce pour.

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